Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How are your rooms set up? We have 5 rooms, each with 2 sets of bunk beds. One room is wheelchair accessible. Our capacity is 20 people (4 in each room). The family/private room has the same features as the other rooms. It is just priced differently.

2. What do I need to bring? Please bring your own blankets/sleeping bag and towels. Each bed comes with a pillow, pillowcase and fitted sheet. A pair of indoor slippers/crocs or flip-flops are a good idea as outdoor shoes are not allowed in the hostel. The bathrooms all have hand soap. Please bring your own soap and shampoo for the shower. A flashlight to walk to and from the pool or the fire pit at night is also a good idea.

3. How much does it cost to use the coin operated showers? The showers take one dollar (Canadian Loonie) per minute. However, you can stop the timer at any time to apply soap and shampoo so you can make the water last longer. $2.00 is plenty for someone with short hair and $3.00 is enough for someone with long hair.

4. What are the house rules? Our main house rule is that we require quiet time after 11 p.m. As the kitchen/dining room is in the centre of the hostel with the bedrooms branching out, we require that the TV be turned off and that there be no loud noise after this time. We don’t close the kitchen but ask that you be quiet if you have to use it late at night.

5. What if I have no linens? We have 4 spare sets. It is$10.00 for blankets and towels. They are available first come first serve or by reservation.

6. Is there a barbeque? Yes there is one barbeque and it is free for all the guests to use. Please clean it after use.

7. My friends are staying in the campground. Can they visit me in the Hostel? No, only registered hostel guests are allowed in the hostel. You may however go and visit them in the campground.

8. Do you allow pets? Sorry, no pets are allowed in the hostel. We discourage you having your pet sleep in your vehicle, as it can be too hot or too cold for the dog, and the parking lot is a busy place which may cause your dog to bark. There is a good kennel 10 minutes drive away on Takhini River Road.

9. Do you have laundry facilities? No, the closest Laundromat is in downtown Whitehorse.

10. Where can I buy groceries? There are a few groceries, ice and cigarettes at Takhini Gas. It is 10 kilometers away.

11. Where can I buy alcohol? Cafe Balzam at the hot pool facility has wine and beer off sales. You have to check the hours as it is not open daily. The Liquor store is in downtown Whitehorse.

12. How is the hostel related to the Hot Springs? We are separate businesses. The pool is a 2 minute walk away. All our guests receive a 20% discount on a daily swim pass. So check in first at the hostel before you go to the pool so you can produce your receipt for the discount. Please check Takhini Hot Pools web site for rates, pool hours etc. Clean indoor flip-flops/crocs are mandatory at the hot springs for the change rooms. If you don’t bring your own pair you will need to pay an extra $1.00 at the pool. We also don’t allow outdoor shoes inside the hostel so it is a good idea to bring a pair of crocs or flip-flops with you.

13. Can we have a campfire? Yes, there is a fire-pit in the yard and hostel guests may use it for free. Wood however costs $6 a bundle. You are welcome to bring your own wood but remember you cannot take firewood over the US border into Canada.

14. Can we see the northern lights at the hostel? Yes, our wilderness location outside the city means we have beautiful dark skies. Northern lights may be visible between the end of August and the end of March.

15. Will I get cell phone reception? If you have a regular cell phone you will get reception as there is a cell tower close by. If you have a smart phone it depends. The smart phone signal comes from Whitehorse and we are at the edge of its broadcast area. Some smart phones pick it up. Others cannot.

16. Is there internet? Yes, we have free wireless internet in the hostel. It does not have a large band width however. You can check your email and surf on the web but you cannot download large files. Unfortunately we do not have a computer for guest use on site.

17. How do I book a room? To book a bunk or room with us, please give us a call at 867-456-8004. You can alternatively e-mail us at